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Welcome to the A Journey to Health website!  This is your first step in improving your health. Massage therapy combines the power of therapeutic touch with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology to relieve physical and emotional suffering. Massage therapy is also a preventative plan to eliminate contracted, stressed muscles and helps restore health to the maximum level. Massage is one of the oldest healing arts known around the world and will take you towards A Journey to Health.

People come in for massage basically for three reasons:

When you visit the services page, you will see the different types of massage and how you may benefit from them.  I frequently combine a few techniques within a massage session.  By offering my expertise and sensitivity in treating each person with a customized massage to meet their needs, this personally designed massage therapy session gets results for the individual usually after only one session! I can offer suggestions of stretching exercises to hasten recovery or making ergonomic changes which will avoid future muscle tension.

I look forward to meeting and working with you as your partner to improve your health!-----Denise B. Sepos

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